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About Me

I took my first photo in high school, back in ancient times when we used Plus-X and Tri-X film, and printed on photo paper using an enlarger. It makes me feel old just thinking about it!

I went to a boarding school in Massachusetts and looked out my window at the main building and confidentially clicked the shutter on my father's old SLR camera. That afternoon I went to the darkroom and with the help of the more experienced school photographers, developed my film and printed my first photo. I was hooked.

The first few years of college were a lot of fun- girls, pot, and photography. But then I transferred to a "serious school" (Go Bears!!) and photography took a backseat. Add getting a career started, marriage, kids, and soon the years slipped by, and my camera gathered dust. 

But sometime in the mid 2000's my creative instincts kicked into gear. The camera came out and the shutter finger got strong again.

I've had a lot of fun with my cameras over the years. I ended up at the University of California, San Diego Extension and earned a degree in Photography.  Got straight A's, but ironically earned a B in the one class I should have aced- film and darkroom photography. Must have been the teacher's fault as I loved the class. But, I digress.

The travel bug has always been strong in me, and a lot of my collection is comprised of photos from my sojourns around the world. Sometimes I take just tourist shots, but when I can I love to take my time and explore and shoot interesting things that are beautiful and glorious. 

I also very much enjoy taking shots of the things we never see in our day-to-day lives, such as the moment the gas catches fire and a stove starts, or lighted hula hoops twirling against a dark background. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, enough rambling on about me. I hope you enjoy my art work, and be sure to contact me if you have any questions




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